Voluntary Benefits

WL Benefits Group provides clients with access to best-in-class products that supplement core benefit packages while maintaining costs.

Value of Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits provide employees with coverage options that pay cash benefits in the event of serious illness, injury or death. These benefits can help pay for expenses not covered by primary insurance, fill financial gaps left by deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, and also cover non-medical related costs such as household expenses or lost income.

Simplifying Employee Benefits Enrollment

When an employee is evaluating and selecting coverage options, such as medical and dental, they can also review their options for voluntary benefits. Without filling out separate forms or visiting multiple websites, an employee simply selects their voluntary benefits through the BenefitsTalk website.

By having ALL employee benefits options accessible through one platform, we eliminate the tedious extra steps that can be obstacles to voluntary benefits participation. Once an employee has completed their enrollment, they can access and print a consolidated benefit summary report — with all their benefit information — right from the BenefitsTalk website.

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