Cost Containment

Dependent Eligibility Verification (DEV)

Verifying that your organization’s benefits are being provided only to dependents who qualify is a good first step towards containing rising healthcare costs. Increasing numbers of employers are verifying dependent eligibility as a means of enforcing provisions and identifying ineligible claims that would have been paid otherwise.

During a WL Benefits Group DEV audit, all employees enrolling dependents on medical, dental and/or vision plans must submit proof of eligible status for each dependent. For ongoing DEV administration, new hires or newly eligible employees enrolling dependents will have to submit supporting documentation. Also, employees reporting a family status change or adding dependents during open enrollment will be required to submit documentation for new dependents.
A DEV audit includes:

  • Complete audit administration handled by WL Benefits Group
  • Comprehensive communication of the DEV audit process to employees
  • Collection/tracking of all verification documentation
  • Coordination of removal of ineligible dependents from coverage through payroll and the carrier(s)
  • Online access to BenefitsTalk™ for employees and your HR team
  • Access to the Benefit Resource Center, our professionally staffed call center

FACTS: Fully Automated Claims Transaction System

Typically, WL Benefits has seen five to 10% of a dependent population fail to provide the documentation required to remain covered.

Carrying those extra people not only adds considerable costs to your organization but can also hold you liable under ERISA’s fiduciary obligations.

Spousal Disincentive Program

As employer’s continue to explore new ways to push back against ever-rising healthcare costs, a growing trend has gained considerable traction in recent years. Nearly 15% of all employers have applied disincentives to spouses who have coverage through their own employer. Whether it is the surcharge or credit approach, WestLake consults with our clients to determine the best solution to fit your needs.