Broker Services

For organizations that do not currently work with a broker, our experienced plan consultants can analyze your programs and work closely with you and your team to effectively manage your benefits programs. WL Benefits can also provide access to the value-added services available through our innovative BenefitsTalk™ technology.

Standard consulting and brokerage services include:

  • Complete benefit design, implementation and management with a primary focus on cost reduction, appropriate benefit levels and a competitive offering
  • Cafeteria menu design with a focus on a variety in plans; “buy-up” options (Basic, Silver, Gold, etc.)
  • Appropriate network access options
  • Competitive offering benchmarking to local and national health systems
  • Review of the current funding arrangement for all plans, including analysis of spec and aggregate reinsurance limits
  • Assess the current associate contribution levels for all plans against normative contribution levels
  • Compliance and plan document review including PPACA changes
  • Analysis of enrollment trends determining appropriate qualification for eligibility management programs (DEV, Spousal Disincentive, etc.)
  • Quarterly and annual analysis, evaluation and reporting of claims experience including plan cost history with an average experience review, benchmarking to projected/budgeted figures, normative/inter-industry comparisons and recommendations based on trends

Add-on services available at reduced cost:

  • Online enrollment and ongoing enrollment using BenefitsTalk™
  • Family status change administration
  • Benefits online portal
  • Dependent eligibility verification administration
  • Spousal disincentive administration
  • COBRA administration
  • FSA administration with debit cards
  • Tobacco disincentive administration
  • Benefits call center including issue tracking (WITS™)
  • Employment verification
  • Online and/or printed benefit statements*
  • Dedicated HR service team
  • EOI administration
  • Payroll withholding data transmittal
  • Eligibility data transmittal weekly
  • Billing reconciliation
  • Benefits communication development and fulfillment*
  • Wellness program management including an onsite wellness provider
  • Mobile benefits applications using Cera™ applications
  • Nurse licensure
  • Tuition reimbursement administration
  • Electronic paystubs
  • Retiree administration
  • Exit interview administration