Wellness awareness? Rent a colon.

Building Better Benefit Fairs – say that ten times fast

EBN ( Employee Benefits News) recently published an article, dated 1-1-13, that highlighted two Midwest employers and their efforts to conduct a better employee benefit fair. We all agree that benefit fairs are an important staple of the overall employee benefit strategy and, largely, liked by employees. WestLake Financial Group, Inc. is no stranger to effective benefit fairs, having conducting them for our clients for over 20 years. Yet this article tickled us and here is why.

One group decided to employee a huge inflatable colon that employees could “walk and climb through” to build awareness about colonoscopy screenings. Now, we’ve done some fun things at our benefit fairs but we never, even remotely, thought to bring in an oversized, inflatable colon. I wondered, where in God’s green earth can you find such an item? A quick search on Google found not one, but many, vendors that rent massive colons. What’s more – you can rent large hearts and other organs, heck – you can even rent a complete “walk through” human being. The picture of this massive inflatable human, found below, looks like something out of a bad B movie. You enter his mouth and exit, well, you know where. Think of a stuffed pig at a picnic or roast. (see www.medicalinflatables.com)


Does this raise awareness? Perhaps. Does it create stir amongst the associates – sure. Therefore, it’s effective and valuable.

Nothing is taboo when it comes to educating our employees about better health, we should learn. Trying new tactics and a more interactive environment is key. Wellness may well be our last bastion to maintaining an affordable level of health care coverage for associates, long term.

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