The most common remedies for wellness @ onsite clinics

Here is a chart that represents the most common remedies that are used by employers that currently employ an onsite wellness clinic. These results are relatively consistent with the approach taken by employers without such accommodations.

The results speak to the immediate return that employers seek to extract from a wellness program. Flu shots, which represent 77% of the polled employer groups, is an attempt not to improve the wellness of an associate as much as it is an attempt to keep the associate at work. The cost of absenteeism is high, we know that, but a program with only treats an immediately impending and likely condition does little to address conditions in the future.

The second most popular approach is simply, communication. We all know that this is a menial approach of wellness. Yet, there it is, #2. And the list goes on. What it doesn’t address is the integration of data to the outcome. Especially during enrollment.

Now we do know that 97% of the employers do use the internet for communicating wellness agendas. Why, then, are we not using the internet, through the enrollment process, to administer, educate and affect a wellness program?

Perhaps WestLake Financial Group’s online enrollment approach is the solution?

Information provided by Optum Health 2013