BenefitsTalk™ Technology

Powered by TurboData™

Our BenefitsTalk™ technology provides a customizable web-based employee self-service portal that compliments your HRIS/payroll system and provides a single point of contact for all employee benefit related needs.

Organizations using BenefitsTalk enjoy increased efficiency and reduced costs associated with employee benefit administration while employees benefit from greater access to benefit plan information and convenient toll-free access to our integrated customer service call center.

BenefitsTalk provides:

  • Open enrollment and ongoing benefit enrollment administration due to employment status or family status changes.
  • Integrated cost containment programs (dependent eligibility verification, spousal disincentive, wellness incentives)
  • Eligibility determination and benefit calculations for all plan types
  • Direct billing, collection and communication for inactive employees and retirees
  • Human resource policy coordination and information delivery
  • Employee open enrollment kits with personalized communication and plan materials
  • Employee confirmation statement with combined benefit statement
  • HIPAA compliant eligibility and payroll transmissions

WITS™ WL Benefits Issue Tracking System™

Our professionally staffed customer service call center utilizes a real-time online issue tracking system – WITS – to provide some of the fastest issue resolution in the business.

WITS reports enable companies to pinpoint potential sources of employee dissatisfaction by tracking employee issues and benefits inquiries and provide valuable insight into where HR might need to focus resources to resolve issues or possibly even re-evaluate providers.