Paul J. Burt Named to Board of Directors of Lake Forest Police Foundation

Burt One of Five Founders of New Non-Profit Organization

Lake Forest, IL (PRWEB) October 09, 2014 – Paul J. Burt, Founder and CEO of WestLake Financial Group, Inc. and co-founder of CERA Solutions, has recently helped found the Lake Forest Police Foundation, along with four other Lake Forest residents. He has also been named to the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Paul has been a Lake Forest, Illinois resident since 1991.

In recent years, the city’s general revenue has halted its growth while salaries and benefits continue to rise. Currently, about 85 percent of the annual police budget goes toward salaries and benefits. Because of this, there is less room in the budget for the continuation of certain programs such as the Rape Aggression Defense program offered for female residents and college students. Other programs that have been cut include a bicycle safety program for children and a police department awards function.

The goal of the Lake Forest Police Foundation is to generate funds for those programs through fundraising efforts.

“As city budgets continue to dwindle it is imperative that we continue to provide our police department with the tools and resources they need to protect our community,” said Paul J. Burt. “I am honored to join forces with a passionate team of Lake Forest business leaders to fill the gap and make sure our police force has what they require to meet the needs of the city of Lake Forest.”

The Lake Forest Police Foundation would also support upgrades in police equipment and technology. Police vehicles are equipped with defibrillators; however the devices are 13 years old. There is a dire need for an upgrade, but no space in the budget.

The Lake Forest Police Foundation plans to hold its first fundraiser this spring. Complete with donated food and drink from local vendors, the event assures to be an unforgettable night that greatly impacts the safety and well being of the Lake Forest Community.

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About the Lake Forest Police Foundation

The Lake Forest Police Foundation was formed as a 501(c)3 organization in 2014 to support the important work of the Lake Forest Police Department through the donation of funds, services and goods. The Foundation supports programs, initiatives and projects that are strategically focused to complement the Department’s policing strategies and ensure the highest level of police service to the Lake Forest community. For more information on the Lake Forest Police Foundation, please visit